They are designed for burning wood and charcoal on the principle of gasification generator by an exhauster fan sucking the flue gases of the boiler.
The boiler body is manufactured as a welded steel plate quality a thickness of 6 to 3 mm piece. It consists of two chambers situated one above the other, the top serves as fuel tank, as the lower combustion chamber and ash pan. Among them is a new rotary screen is protected with patent, allowing perfect coal gasification, either separately or in common and easy ash removal. In the rear of the body of the boiler there is a vertical flue gas channel equipped with a valve on top. The top of the flue gas channel has a shot nozzle to connect with fireplace.
Wood Gasification Boilers are the modern version of the wood burning stove that burns the wood completely and leave no smoke, ash or creosote. The boiler saves up to 70% of your energy bills when installing on a plinth, radiant or forced air heating system.
Advantages of gasification boilers

  • Possibility of burning large pieces of wood
  • Possibility of burning coal and wood separately or together
  • Great fuel tank -time long combustion
  • High efficiency of 81 to 87% depending on the type – the primary and secondary air is preheated to high temperatures
  • ecological combustion
  • exhauster fan – dust collection ash, boiler room smokeless
  • Cooling loop against overheating – without the risk of damaging the boiler

High quality
As a human nature, you have many expectations of whatever you own or benefit from. If a product or service meets your expectations, you buy or take advantage of this product or service. You should not expect much, but you can expect at least four benefits of Wood Boiler Gasification that you are going to buy. Look at those expectations.
Revolutionary Performance
The boiler you want to buy should give an outstanding performance. The Gasification boiler offers impressive performance at the low demand and transforms production to meet demand. Also, it promotes the flexible use of fuel and gives clean and efficient heat.
Safe and repairable
You all want to use the wood boiler which is safe and can be repaired according to requirements. You will satisfy your wish and demand by using the optimal quality wood oven. Such an oven is simple and safe. You can repair and use it for a longer period. You should not buy the boiler frequently.
The wood gasification boiler comes with an adaptive and intelligent adapter. It continues to optimize the performance of the boiler and informs you of the need for a service. You can believe in its intelligence and cleanliness if it is purchased from a reputable manufacturer or supplier.
It is certain that you would not want to invest your hard earned money in buying wood stoves over and over again. So, we advise you to expect for a longer life span of the boiler you want to buy.