Kroll’s Kozy Waste Oil Heater

Our German made Kroll Kozy waste oil heater is ideal for heating any size area up to about 300m2 and uses 2 litres of waste oil per hour on low and 3 litres per hour on high.

Your Kozy waste oil heater comes with it’s own powerful blower fan. This means it’s a very effective space heater that will take the chill off the air.

You will have a long trouble free life from your Kozy. The first Kozy workshop waste oil heaters installed back in 1982 are still going strong.

Once you’ve got one, you’re warm & laughing! Click here for a Kozy Brochure

Installation is Easy

The Kozy waste oil heater manual explains the simple guidelines for erecting the flue. A stainless steel ‘Tee’ piece is provided for the lower end of the flue.

When you burn your waste oil in a Kozy there’s no smoke or fumes. The emissions are very clean and are well within EPA requirements. You’ll spend about ten minutes a day looking after your Kroll Kozy. Wouldn’t you agree, it’s a small inconvenience to pay for the advantage of heating with free fuel? See our ‘Kozy’ video above …