Kroll has released a new wood [BIOMASS] gasification series of hydronic heater.

Kroll Heaters brings to you wood hydronic boilers or heaters of superior quality and efficiency. Hydronics is the use of water or another liquid heat transfer medium such as glycol as the heat-transfer medium in heating and cooling systems.

These gasification boilers are ideal for people with plenty of timber who do not want to constantly fill the boiler chamber during the day or night. Initially  30kW and 40kW KK units are available, however other power ratings up to 100kW are available on request.

The KK Series is optionally available with:

  • A  Swedish designed and built charging unit [LK Armatur 810] to manage boiler protection & circulation as well as accumulator tank charging or filling
  • A number of 1000 litre Stainless Steel accumulator tank[s] to store 90C hot water for your required home heating demands, hours after the wood fire has gone out
  • A Kroll SM8 waste oil boiler to charge the accumulator tank if the client wishes to use a combination of wood and oil fuel
  • A slab floor heating low temperature mixing system to manage floor surface temperatures
  • A GSM remote monitoring system to txt you system temperatures
  • The KK Series all include inbuilt safety exchanger coil to dump heat if the water temperature exceeds 95C.
  • The Kroll KK series is a welded steel boiler designed in total gasification principle accompanied with pyrolytic combustion,
    particularly for high efficient and ecological combustion of wood logs. Wood gasification followed by combustion
    of wood gas in the fire chamber ensures an optimum firing of all combustible materials.
  • The KK Series are manufactured by Arikazan in Turkey


The KK boilers are designed to be installed in an outbuilding or utility room. They have high heat outputs and nice big fireboxes to let you easily heat your house and domestic hot water with wood. Essentially, you fill the big firebox up with logs and then walk away – the log gasifying boiler takes care of the rest. Gasifying boilers are batch burners – meaning that you load them right up, burn them hard, let them burn down, and then reload if needed. This is a very efficient way of burning wood which produces  low levels of emissions.

The heat from the wood is often stored in a hot water buffer tank or accumulator tank for use as and when needed, although you can connect a gasification boiler directly to a standard heating system.

A log boiler used with an accumulator tank gives you the ability to decide when and how you want the heat in your home. 

The term gasifying means that the wood is being superheated and largely turned to wood gas and it is this that is burning. Modern stoves do this to some extent but often do not reach the high firebox temperatures of a log gasifier.

Running your whole house with a log boiler does mean using a fair bit of wood – we would recommend these boilers to people who have sufficient room to store a decent amount of firewood, ideally with some storage in the boiler room itself for simplicity and to further dry the wood.

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