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200kW Waste Oil Boiler for Hydronic Heating

Residential and Commercial Waste Oil Boilers

Buy from Kroll Heaters’ amazing range of energy-efficient oil-fired boilers. These boilers are great at saving energy consumed for heating, therefore helping you cut down on running costs; if you have access to waste oil your heating costs will be minimal.

Our waste oil boilers are highly sustainable and environment-friendly as well. They don’t consume high energy for heating and have a low carbon footprint. Kroll Heaters’ boilers are designed to ensure maximum efficiency.

We also provide you with residential waste oil boilers that you can use at your home.

Kroll has new waste oil boilers being the KG50 and KG200 variants. Here are its components:

  • ACK2-250 or ACK2-50 Waste Oil Boiler/Heater fitted with fire bricks
  • EMB20/50 or EMB200 German-made Multifuel Burner to suit
  • Arikazan Controller
  • Brass air & dirt eliminator and Pressure Relief valve [3 BAR] to suit
  • 200 Litre Kroll Waste Oil poly header tank with Kelco float switches and burner gear pump
  • Automatic Water makeup assembly
  • Optional Day Tank fill pump/filter assembly powered via Kelco float switching

Benefit from Kroll Heaters’ KG50/200 series of oil-fired boilers which are highly aesthetic and easy to use.

Buy Kroll Heaters’ waste oil boilers to cut down on energy costs. With our KG series of boilers, it is easy to dispose of used oil safely. These boilers follow the latest compliances and are certified for their safety.

Kroll Heaters’ residential waste oil boilers are the best heating solution for your home, if you have access to waste oil.

Of course, being hydronic, these waste oil boilers [or waste oil heaters] are highly controllable for floor or slab heating, wall heating with radiator panels , domestic hot water or potable hot water for showers, or, even air heating with Kroll’s Fan Coil Units [FCU].

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of using a Waste Oil Boiler for heating purposes?
Implementing a Waste Oil Boiler for heating introduces multiple benefits, such as economical heating and utilising waste oil that might otherwise be discarded. This encourages resourcefulness while providing a robust heating solution. Waste Oil Boilers by Kroll Heaters align practicality with sustainability, ensuring that users can experience effective heating by repurposing used oil, thereby reducing disposal needs and utilising a readily available resource, especially in setups that generate waste oil regularly.
2. How efficient are Waste Oil Boilers in terms of heat production and environmental impact?
Kroll Heaters ensures that Waste Oil Boilers are characterised by impressive efficiency in heat production and minimised environmental impact. These boilers facilitate notable energy recovery by transforming waste oil into a viable fuel source, ensuring substantial heat production from otherwise discarded material. Maximising energy utility aids in reducing harmful disposals into the environment, representing a sustainable approach to heating and waste management and ensuring impactful heat generation.
3. Can a Waste Oil Boiler be used in commercial or industrial settings?
Yes, Kroll Heaters designs Waste Oil Boilers suitable for commercial and industrial settings, ensuring robust and scalable heating solutions. These boilers are crafted to meet such environments’ diverse and often demanding requirements, providing reliable, sustainable, and effective heating. Adapting to varied settings, Kroll’s Waste Oil Boilers offer consistent performance and the practical advantage of utilising waste oil, making them an ideal choice in industrial and commercial contexts.
4. How can I request more information or a quote for a Waste Oil Boiler or an Oil Fired Boiler?
To request more information or a quote for a Waste Oil Boiler or an Oil Fired Boiler, simply visit the Kroll Heaters website. Navigate to their “Contact Us” section, where you can find various means to get in touch, including a contact form, email address, and phone number. Kroll Heaters prioritises customer queries and ensures that your inquiries regarding their extensive boiler range are addressed promptly and comprehensively by their expert team.
5. Are there any regulations or requirements for using Waste Oil Boilers in residential applications?
Yes, utilising a Residential Waste Oil Boiler entails adherence to specific regulations and requirements. These typically involve ensuring the unit complies with local environmental standards and follows emissions and safe operation guidelines. Kroll Heaters encourages responsible usage of Waste Oil Boilers and can guide users regarding adherence to relevant standards and optimal, safe operation within residential contexts, ensuring compliance while availing of an efficient, cost-effective heating solution.

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