Caria Wood Pellet Hydronic Boilers


Kroll is now ditributing the Arikazan ‘Caria’ wood  pellet hydronic heater, or boiler. The Caria boilers are highly efficient as well as needing minimal maintenace. 

Hydronic heating systems help reduce dryness in closed environments and are highly sustainable. Forget burning expensive LPG or natural gas fuels for hydronic warmth and get a controlled heating solution with Kroll’s Caria series. The Caria Series is completely reliable and safe for use.

Kroll Heaters brings you wood hydronic heaters of superior quality and efficiency, the Caria series are over 94% efficient by specification and standard compliance with EN303-5.

The Caria series is ideal for people who do not want to constantly fill the fire chamber during the day or night. Usually available are 30 kW and 40 kW units that suit most domestic applications; bigger units are also available on request.

Caria was designed to require minimal user intervention. The Caria burner is auto-ignition and lights the pellets in under 4 minutes. Cleaning of the ash residue can be several weeks thanks to the screw feeder which carries ash and waste to an external box.

    Benefits of the Caria Series

      • Automatic ignition
      • Automatic tube cleaning
      • Automatic burner grate cleaning
      • Auto ash removal
      • Auto pellet dosage
      • 9 stage step modulation & PID control
      • External fuel hopper
      • User friendly control panel
      • Service friendly design
      • 94% Efficiency cert. EN303-5

    Explore our complete range online and consider buying our wood boilers today. In case of any query or confusion, get in touch with Kroll Heaters on 1800 805 243

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