Solar Pool Heat Exchanger

Alfa has a complete line of shell and tube heat exchangers for pool heating systems. 

Kroll Heaters’ Alfa range of pool heater exchangers is highly cost-effective. Besides, the running costs are also significantly lower when the heat is being generated by waste oil or waste wood.


Pool heat exchangers are a great addition to your property. Kroll Heaters provides you with even more advantages than standard heat exchangers by giving you maximum efficiency along with long-lasting designs, ease of access and low maintenance. Note that Kroll only imports the Titanium variant from Alfa.

Here are further specifications of our products:


  • High efficiency,coefficient up to 14000 W/m2·°C,Heat exchanging capacity 3-7 times traditional equipments.
  • Compact configure, occupy small area, one tenth as the traditional equipments.
  • Stainless steel and/or titanium material, endure high temperature, pressure and corruption.
  • Helix screw thread elasticity heat exchange bundle, eliminate the stress.
  • Design flux speed is 5.5m/s, less dirt.
  • ASME standard VIII-1
  • Big flow volume
  • Compactable
  • Easy installation and durable.
Design ParametersTUBESSHELL
TEMPERATURE406°F (208°C)406°F (208°C)
PRESSURE190 PSI (1.31MPa)190 PSI (1.31MPa)
Standard MaterialsSS SeriesT Series

Note: Please check your working temperature and chlorine concentration for the material type used.

ModelNormal CapacityPool CapacityHeat transfer area


  • For occasional (holidays & weekends) use pools we recommend a 2x output multiplier to obtain a 2°F/hr heat up rate;
  • Nominal values are based on 60°C temperature between incoming heating and heated water.
ModelPool CapacityCarton Size

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What maintenance is required for Workshop Waste Oil Heaters to ensure efficient and safe operation?
A Solar Pool Heat Exchanger demands periodic maintenance to sustain its efficient operation. Routine checks should involve:
• Verifying the integrity of connections.
• Ensuring there are no leaks.
• Checking for any potential scaling or corrosion within the exchanger.
Additionally, inspecting and maintaining associated solar panels and circulation systems is imperative, ensuring that they’re functioning optimally to supply the heat exchanger with adequately heated fluid, thus maintaining a consistent and reliable heating solution for the pool.
2. Are Workshop Waste Oil Heaters suitable for both small and large workshop spaces?
Yes, a Solar Pool Heat Exchanger can be used with other heating systems. Kroll Heaters ensures that their heat exchanges are versatile and compatible, capable of integrating with varied heating systems to provide a consistent and reliable pool heating solution. This means that in conditions where solar heating might be sub optimal, such as during winter or overcast days, an alternate heating system can work with the solar heat exchange to maintain desired pool temperatures.
3. Is there any maintenance required for a Solar Pool Heat Exchanger?
Yes, maintenance is requisite for a Solar Pool Heat Exchanger to ensure longevity and optimal functionality. Periodic inspections should be conducted to verify the structural integrity of the exchanger, confirming there are no leaks or scale build-ups that might hinder thermal transfer. Additionally, the associated solar panels and connected systems need regular checks and cleaning to confirm they’re efficiently capturing and converting solar energy. Ensuring the circulation system functions smoothly, without blockages or disruptions, is pivotal to maintaining a consistent and effective pool heating solution.
4. Can the Solar Pool Heat Exchanger be used in conjunction with other heating systems?
A Solar Pool Heat Exchanger transfers heat from solar-heated fluid to the pool water. Solar panels capture sunlight, converting it to heat energy, which is transferred to a circulating fluid. This heated fluid passes through the heat exchanger, transferring its heat to the pool water without mixing the two fluids. This process effectively and efficiently raises the pool’s temperature, providing a comfortable swimming environment while leveraging the renewable energy supplied by the sun.
5. What are the benefits of using a Solar Pool Heat Exchanger?
Implementing a Solar Pool Heat Exchanger confers several advantages, such as economical operation due to minimised reliance on traditional energy sources, thereby reducing energy bills. It contributes to an environmentally friendly heating approach by utilising renewable solar energy, lessening the pool owner’s carbon footprint. Moreover, it may prolong the swimming season by providing additional heat during cooler periods. Kroll Heaters’ Solar Pool Heat Exchanger represents a sustainable, cost-efficient, and reliable means to achieve consistently comfortable pool temperatures.
6. How does a Solar Pool Heat Exchanger work?
A Solar Pool Heat Exchanger transfers heat from solar energy to your pool. Specifically, solar panels collect and convert sunlight into thermal energy, heating a fluid that circulates through the heat exchanger. The heat from this fluid is then transferred to the pool water as it flows through the exchanger. The two liquids don’t mix, and as the warmer fluid passes through the system, it raises the temperature of the pool water, providing a warm and inviting swimming environment.

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