Wooden boilers, are one of the most popular options for heating at personal and commercial spaces, owing to their ease of use, wide availability combined with widespread repairing options. Wooden boilers are also gaining popularity due to the rising costs of fossil fuels, like petroleum and electricity. It is said that wood heats twice! And for good reason. You will not only warm your body in the process to collect firewood (assuming you will do it yourself) but can also use it in your boilers! The cost of fuel for Wood boilers is practically free, depending upon your location. Wooden boilers are of two types, namely indoor and outdoor, and you must definitely consider them before the onset of the winters. In this article today we will discuss the top things to consider while purchasing wooden boilers:

  • Type: As we have told you before, that wooden boilers are usually of two types ie indoor and outdoors. Additionally, there are a number of choices in size, in wood boilers in Australia, and other countries. The first thing you should consider when purchasing a wood boiler is the size and type you want to go for. Indoor wood boilers are generally shunned from houses due to the smoke and by-products they generate. Also, the size of the boiler will determine its thermal capabilities so you should take care as to not pick something too large or too small for your premises.

  • Safety: Modern day boilers are equipped with an array of safety mechanisms and features which have minimized the risk of fire and other kinds of hazards. Still, you should thoroughly inspect and understand the safety features of a wood boiler when looking to buy one. Don’t hesitate to contact your nearest boiler supplier or manufacturer if you have trouble understanding them.

  • Fuel type: Wooden boiler require fuel in the form of cut wood which has to be an of a certain quality for safe and clean burning. Wood that has been stored outdoors, accumulated moisture and is rendered unfit for burning. Generally, hardwood gives out much more heat than its counterpart for every pound of it used in a boiler or a stove. If you live in an area with access to mostly soft wood, then you would have to adjust your heating requirements in terms of the size of the boiler and its type, accordingly.

  • Costs: Costs is also something to be considered when buying wooden boilers. Don’t rush in to buy the first one to come across, and take your time to look at the various options at multiple stores, to get an idea about their pricing. Use your negotiation skills, to get the best price if you are getting a custom built wooden boiler.

We have told you briefly about the top things to consider when buying wooden boilers. Wooden boilers have been in use since ages, and their designs have evolved with the passage of time. You can also get a custom built one, provided you have the right technicians and raw material to fabricate this convenient and easy to use heating option. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Kroll heating if you have any further questions regarding wood boilers and other types of heaters.