Waste Oil Boilers 20kw to 70kw

Introducing the SM8 Cast Iron boilers. Combined with the Kroll KGUB55 Burner the SM8 is ideal for 15 kW to 60 kW hydronic home heating applications.

The boilers are fitted with an electronic thermostat controller that is easily adjusted for different boiler temperatures & temperature differentials. The thermostat also controls primary circulator ON/OFF temperature selection. The boiler controller has a connection for a central room thermostat.

The SM8 is easily cleaned and come with big door handles for easy access into the chambers for easy cleaning. Brushes & Ash Pan are also supplied. Click here for SM8 specificationssm8 domestic boiler


The system includes:

  • SM8 Cast Iron Boiler fitted with full refractory lining
  • KGUB55 Burner + Air Pump + Supply Pump
  • Energy Save controller & Electronic Thermostat
  • Brass air & dirt eliminator
  • 15:50 Litre expansion tank
  • 200 Litre Kroll Waste Oil poly day tank on stand fitted with float switches
  • Primary circulator [40LPM 3 Speed]
  • Automatic Water make-up assembly with fast fill bypass
  • Pressure Relief valve [3 BAR]

This entire ready to go system is $9,950 + GST