Wood is the most convenient source of energy. It can be used to harvest when necessary and obviously could be stored easily. Wood contains moisture. However, lower the moisture, greater is the efficiency. A good gasification boiler is, however, the most efficient methods to be adopted for homes. An important thing to be kept in mind is that the moisture content in your wood which would further be used for gasification boilers

What is Gasification?

The method of extraction of energy from organic materials such as wood is known as gasification. When organic material like wood is put to usage then the process owns the name of wood gasificationIn the process of wood gasification, the wood is converted into carbon monoxide and hydrogen by the reaction of raw material at a high temperature.The inferred gas is a synthetic kind of gas which is more efficient than the direct combustion of the original fuel because it combusted at high temperatures.

An authentic gasification boiler consists of the following:

  • Control unit

  • Fuel chamber

  • Bottom Door

  • Primary Air Duct

  • Ash Chamber

  • Damper

  • Supply Line

  • Return Line

  • Chimney Neck

  • Fuel Chamber Neck

  • Ceramic Nozzle with secondary air duct

  • Exhaust gas heat exchanger

After a briefing about wood gasification and gasification boilers, it is equally important to have the right kind of knowledge regarding the maintenance of wood gasification boilers. Just like rainwater harvesting, it too requires practice to retain its usage and condition as every object wears away with time if not taken care of.

 The Practices required to maintain Wood Gasification Boilers:

  • To maintain a biomass boiler one has to keep a check on the cleaning routine of the biomass boiler. A recommendation is to follow the instructions dictated by the manufacturer as wood gasification boilers vary from non-self-cleaning to the automated ones. So, it is really important to know about the procedures for cleaning. Good quality wood fuel produces less ash but it too needs cleaning as well to make it function at a proper rate. Proper cleaning ensures longevity.

  • If you want your wood gasification boiler to function efficiently then it should be maintained at regular intervals.A wood gasification boiler requires maintenance once a year but it is recommended to maintain it on a monthly basis even on an hourly basis.

  • In order to make the wood gasification boiler work properly, the choice of the right fuel is something which should be done first. Fuel with low moisture content should be preferred as it produces less ash, maintaining the proper function.

  • Typically, for a precise measure, a sieve or shifter is needed to determine particle size. The size of the particle should be inspected carefully.

  • Last but not the least in terms of the importance that a wood gasification boiler should be technologically advanced so that it functions properly and maintenance becomes affordable as well.

Here are certain points which should be kept in mind before choosing the right wood gasification boilers and the necessary measures which are needed to be carried out in order to make it function properly.