Since the time when humans used to live in caves, wood was the major source of fire or rather heat. People would turn to wood for warmth, cooking, and safety. As, we started getting more advanced from we started using different ways to provide heat but by using the same fuel which was wood.


Wood-fired stove was the centerpiece of many kitchens. This was before the introduction of other fossil fuels which were not known to us, can be used for heating as well. And, also before the concept of central heating was ever there.


Then with modern advancements there were central heating systems which are now called as hydronic boilers, which use water as a source of providing heat throughout the house through pipes. But, also with the advancement of other heating options and other fuels available. There was a slight decline in the industry of wood hydronic boilers.


But with the price increase in the prices of oil, gasoline and other fuels there was again a steady rise in the demand of wood fired hydronic boilers, there were a few drawbacks which they had some of them were:-


  • There was a requirement for their heat exchanger brushed to be clean every 1-2 weeks during the heating season
  • Emptying of ash bins occasionally.

However, the modernization of wood fired hydronic boilers not only solved the above problems but also has improved the way heating can be done effectively, at a low cost and also in an eco-friendly manner.


    • Modern boilers come equipped with automatic cleaners for the heat exchanger so you do not normally have to do it.
    • They offer versatility if you happen to run low on the wood stock, you can always use it combine with other sources of fuel for that time being.
    • Concerns over the amount of pollution created by these boilers, there has been an environment friendly approach in which wood-based biomass heating systems are used which employ wood pellets to be used for heating and hence wood being a carbon neutral fuel, does not increase the amount of carbon dioxide and hence maintaining the level of emission.
    • Not only is it environment friendly but also is a cost-effective option. The facts will astonish you.
    • Cost of heat produced by burning wood pellets is about half that of heat produced by oil or any other fuel.
    • Modern-day boilers have web accessible controls that can help the owner run the boiler as well as peripheral devices, and hence keep a check on the temperature. Also, advancements have also made it possible to turn on the heating and turn it off whenever and wherever you need it.


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