Kroll’s LH Series Fan-Coil air heaters convert hot water from your boiler into hot, dry air for space-heating. Ideal for commercial heating in workshops, poultry sheds, swimming pool areas, etc. Quiet & efficient air-heating, with total temperature control.

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Heating power range is available from 10kW up to 100kW with an ambient air temperature of 20C [flow & return water feed at 90C/70C]LH Series

Our German made Kroll Kozy is suitable for workshop and space heating in any size area up to about 300m2 and uses 2 litres of waste oil per hour on low and 3 litres per hour on high. Your Kozy comes with it’s own powerful blower fan. This means it’s a very effective space heater that will take the chill off the air throughout your building. There’s no need to huddle around the heater to get warm and you don’t have to put it into a central position.

Tucked away in the corner, or against a wall is perfect. See the ‘Kozy’ video below:


You can expect a long trouble free life from your Kozy. The first Kozys installed back in 1982 are still going strong. Compared to other types of heaters, your Kroll Kozy will pay for itself in just one or two winters.

Once you’ve got one, you’re laughing!

Installation is Easy

The operator’s manual explains the simple guidelines for erecting the stainless steel flue. A ‘T’ piece is located at the lower end of the flue, which you can obtain locally ‘off the shelf’, or we are happy to supply everything you need. It consists typically of about 4 metres of flue, with a hat on top.


The Kozy is not “high tech”. To start it, you pour a cup of kero or diesel into the cast iron pan which sits in the bottom of the Kozy, and light it with a match. After about ten minutes an internal thermostat automatically starts the oil pump and the blower fan. Waste oil is trickled into the hot pan, where it vapourises into a gas and burns very cleanly. When you burn waste oil in a Kroll, there’s no smoke or fumes. The emissions are very clean and have been tested by an EPA approved company and are well within EPA requirements. The contaminants in waste oil such as carbon, dirt and detergents are broken down in the 750o C temperature of the furnace, to a dry crusty ash, which accumulates in the cast iron pan, and needs to be removed each day.

Your Kozy comes with two pans. At start-up, use the clean one. At a convenient time, clean yesterday’s pan, ready for use tomorrow. The amount of ash you get depends on the nature of the oil, eg: very thick black oil from old diesel engines leaves more ash; transmission oils leave almost none. A bit of water in the oil doesn’t worry your Kozy at all. Most commonly, oil from petrol engine vehicles, or a combination of waste oils, gives lots of heat and minimal ash. You’ll spend about ten minutes a day looking after your Kroll Kozy.

Wouldn’t you agree, it’s a small inconvenience to pay for the advantage of heating with free fuel?