hydronic-heating-1Hydronic radiant heating is the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of heating. Hydronic heating features are:

  • extremely efficient
  • whisper quiet
  • relief for allergy sufferers due to low air movement
  • able to be the domestic hot water baseline heat source
  • optionally heat the swimming & spa
  • fast heat up
  • energy efficient
  • panel radiators and/or concrete slab radiators possible
  • $1000 per radiator (example below is 18 panels)
  • slab heating is approx $50/sq metre

Cost estimates for a 35 square house with 18 separate panel-radiators is $1000 per panel. This includes the complete hardware system: panels, water heater & burner, pump, water supply valving, piping & thermostat. This does not include GST or plumber installation labour.

The total heating power for this 35 square space is 22kW or 80,000 BTU. A spreadsheet with price breakdowns is available after contacting Kroll. <Click Here> for a generic hydronic plan for a 35 square modern home which shows all system details.

Adding domestic hot water requires a low pressure water tank (with heat exchange coil for the mains-pressure water supply) and an extra pump & pipingswimming-pools-1

Kroll offers you Boiler & Burner Packages to meet your heating needs , also:

  • Hydronic Design Services (Charged Service, see Piping Layout example, click here)
  • Heat Load Calculations (Free Service – send us your home plans)
  • Hydronic Heating Cost estimates


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