Across the world, home heating and energy requirements are growing, and people need more innovative solutions. While solar energy is often considered the Holy Grail of reusable energy, in many ways the solar panels can only provide you a fraction of the energy you need. A solar installation may power your television, computer, refrigerator, and other household appliances – but home heating requires significantly more energy than the solar set up can provide! This is where people require more economic solutions which can use different energy resources.
A wood gasification boiler is not new technology in any way, and this system has been in use for more than a century. However, till date, very few alternatives can provide you complete home heating solutions as affordably as this well trusted system. Using various kinds of fuel resources, gasification is an economic way to power your home heating system. While people may think that burning wood is not exactly ecologically friendly, gasification does not require high grade timber. In fact, any kind of biomass can be used to provide home heating.
Wood gasification boilers can convert wood chips, pellets, coal, biomass, and a variety of other fuels to energy at minimum cost. The system is simple, as the fuel is burnt in a limited oxygen environment to produce wood gas. By sealing in the wood gas, and combusting it in a high oxygen environment, the gasification system can convert any source of fuel into an effective heating system for your home, or even your swimming pool! Over the years, companies have developed this kind of boiler to be more efficient and reliable. The latest boilers in the market ensure the most efficient fuel utilization possible.
This kind of heating system is most effective for large homes which require a lot of energy to heat. If you use traditional room heaters, you would be spending a huge sum on your regular electricity bills. The gasification boilers provide you sustained heating at low costs as it consumes little electricity to start generating the wood gas. Once the wood gas is produced using the alternative fuel source, it can heat water quickly. This heated water is then stored in accumulator tank which circulates the heated water throughout the house. The excess heated water is kept in an insulated environment for further use as required.
The biomass used for combustion in such wood gasification boilers may be a combination of fuel resources. If you live in an area where wood is easily available, you don’t need to worry about keeping your home heating system running. If you don’t have a constant supply of wood scraps, you can use coal or wood pellets which are low cost alternatives. The versatile types of fuels you can use is what makes these boilers ecologically friendly as well as cost effective!
The most important factor about installing such a wood gasification boiler system is to ensure that you have the right vendor. These home heating solutions include a number of systems like the boiler, pump, accumulator tanks, and piping. While you may think that the set up is expensive, if you consider the many benefits in the long run – there is no better alternative. While it is important to make sure that the system is cleaned and maintained, wood gasification is a way to reduce your energy costs to a fraction and save immensely on your electricity bills.