Waste Oil [Used Oil] Heating:

With Waste Oil burning & heat applications: if you do not like getting your hands dirty every week or two weeks, with used oil or waste oil as a fuel source, then heating with waste oil is probably not for you! If you have plenty of spare money, go for LPG. The flip side is get your hands dirty once a week & you will have low heating bills with WO

Otherwise, if you are a person who does not have access to natural gas, then the only heating solution that does not cost a small fortune, is waste oil.

Typical Example:

‘Peter’ has a 300 sqm house in country Victoria. Peter’s  WO consumption this winter was 5000 litres. The 5000 litres cost Peter nothing as he has a timber company with plenty of WO available. If Peter had used the equivalent amount of fuel energy using LPG, the LPG alone would cost around 5000 * $1.30 = $6,500 plus the rental on Peter’s LPG tank of about $500 pa. That is $7,000 pa.

As the Americans say, go figure.

* Peter is a composite of different clients

Will I get my hands dirty?

Yes,  burning WO produces soot and sometimes oil spatter or unburnt WO can build up in the boiler or furnace, this must be cleaned up with pans & rags

Does the WO Burner need maintenance?

Yes, during the busy times of the year, depending on the type of WO, the ignition electrodes may need cleaning [weekly]. The IN-line filters must be cleaned [as required]. The Kroll day tank will require water drained off [monthly].

Is WO  a turnkey heating solution?

Kroll Heaters supply systems as easy to install & maintain as is possible.

Is there help available if I have an Issue?

We are very happy to support customers over the phone with advice & support for no cost.