5 Tips for Maintaining a Wood Gasification Boiler You Must Follow

When it’s bitter and too much cold outside then, nothing strikes the glowing crackle and light of wood fire from the inside fireplace. Supporting your furnace frequently will guarantee that it functions in the most reliable, most effective practice desirable.


Normal hydronic safety valves are to be fitted as well as suitable expansion capability. Therefore a wood log safety flush valve, a 3 BAR pressure relief valve [PRV] and a quality air dirt remover.

Routine cleaning should be continued

You must brush out your KK Series gasification boiler. Do this AFTER moving the heat exchanger handle back & forth a few times. Dust in the galleries will drop into the lower chamber. Brush & vacuum the two chambers.

Check the quality of the wood

Hardwood serves as the most fitting fuel for your wood hydronic boiler Such as ash, oak, beech, and maple; these hardwoods require better treatment before their use. Managing the hardwood will need you to slice the wood and later divide and concentrate it throughout a year. In the end, you can access the quality of the woods, which you are going to burn. Also, mind that you should have a proper shed to keep the woods.

Servicing of your boiler

Servicing your boiler annually will ensure it keeps running optimally for as long as possible. Read the user guide for details, if unsure ring Kroll on 1800 805 243. As a rule, it is good to service your boiler in September or October so that it is ready for heavy use during autumn and winter.

Bleed the radiators

After you switch to the boiler, make sure you keep them running. Radiators heat up very immediately; this happens just because of the air run in radiators. To make sure to touch the radiator, you will also see that the bottom is hot.

You can resolve the issue with these consequent steps:-

  • Take a rag and the key of the radiator.

  • Wrap the carpeting, and utilize a container in fact if there is a leakage.

  • valve key utilization and

  • Using the valve key, implant, and apply smoothly counter-clockwise.

  • Mind the hissing sound, which shows the air escape from the radiator.

  • clean the extra water

  • Transform the radiator key to secure the valve

  • To verify whether the bottom of the radiator is hot or not.

Helpful Tips for Maintaining Wood Hydronic Boiler

The boilers are very expensive equipment to repair and even more if they have to be replaced, so it is convenient to make an annual maintenance plan to keep your boiler in optimal conditions. Regular maintenance and repair will not only help you to save money in the long term, but it could also save your life since a defective boiler can be a potential danger to your home and family.

It is also essential to remember that a revised boiler and its daily maintenance is more efficient, so it will be reflected in your energy bills. Luckily, boiler maintenance is not particularly difficult, especially if you follow some of the following recommendations:

Annual Boiler Maintenance

You should check your wood hydronic boiler once a year by a specialized and accredited technician in boiler maintenance, even if it seems to be in good working order. The technician should check, in general, all parts and clean the components. At the end of summer, it is a good time to organize the service, so you can rest assured that your boiler will be in optimal conditions for the winter months.

Scheduled operation

Boilers can present problems if they are not used regularly. Therefore, for good maintenance of boilers, experts recommend that the heating be switched on for ten or 15 minutes from time to time during the summer months, only to keep the boiler running and that no problems arise due to the non-operation of the boiler.

Control low pressure

Wood boiler Australia lose pressure over time, which can affect their operation to occur inefficiently. Check the boiler pressure gauge if you can and, if necessary, put more pressure on the circuit. If you are not sure of what you are doing or the optimum pressure the circuit needs, contact a specialized technician or consult the manual.

Purge the radiators

If your radiators are cooler in the lower part than in the upper part or hear strange noises when the heating is on, that means there is air in the system. Therefore, it is necessary to release the air by purging the radiators. If this is not done, the system will not be working efficiently, causing the pressure indicators to vary and the different zones not be adequately air-conditioned.

Purge the radiators

If your radiators are cooler in the lower part than in the upper part, or hear strange noises when the heating is on, that means there is air in the system. Therefore, it is necessary to release the air by purging the radiators. If this is not done, the system will not be working efficiently, causing the pressure indicators to vary and the different zones not be adequately air-conditioned.

Disconnect the heater before purging the radiators, then turn the purge key to the left and you should hear a hissing sound when the air escapes. When the water starts to drip, close the valve and the work will be finished, although you may have to raise the pressure of wood hydronic.

Warning signs

The leaks, cracks, noises or black soot marks, means you have a problem. So check your boiler regularly and be alert for any warning signs. The sooner it is detected and repaired better before a more serious fault is caused. It is also convenient to make sure that any external vents such as ducts are free of obstructions and dirt.

5 Reasons Why Summer is the Best for Boiler Maintenance.

The summer season has made its way to your life and might be giving you vibes to go on a vacation. And you might have planned a vacation to the beach or a hill station beforehand. But wait; don’t leave for vacation without servicing your boiler. Boiler servicing in summer sounds strange! But it is as effective as your therapy vacation. Servicing your boiler in the summer has it owns benefits. And, have faith, you will be stressed out after having it.

Here are 5 top reasons why you should get your boiler serviced in summer:

  • Boiler Not in Use

This can be your biggest advantage. There is zero use of wood boiler in summer. Boiler works vigorously and continuously in the winters. So, before you switch on your boiler again, quickly make an appointment with your engineer in the summers. During the summers, it becomes quite effortless for the boiler engineers to detect any problem. They can easily tell if there is anything going inside or whether deposits are growing up or not. This can save you from the possibility of any kind of problem in the near future

  • Problems can be Identified

When the boiler work continuously, the machine comes under pressure and problems can build up inside it without anyone knowing. Hence, it is necessary to give your boiler regular maintenance and care. This can prevent any serious problem. And unfortunately, if there is any kind of problem, getting it fixed in summer will give you enough time to get it repaired. Even in the case of replacement, you will have enough time to get organized and ready for the winters.

  • Wait Less

Imagine not getting an appointment of the engineer while winter has arrived, and the engineers are busy with others? Nightmare. As soon as autumn/winter arrives people gallop to make their appointments. And it’s the time when the engineers are the busiest. Therefore, it’s better to get it beforehand, ahead of everyone else.

  • Book Appointment at your Time

At the time of autumn/winter, engineers are busy. They will service your wood hydronic in Australia at a convenient time. You will no other option left with you. So it’s smart to get it done in summer, as engineers are less busy in this season. Also because the summer season is an off-season for boiler service. You can invite them whenever you have time or you’re free. You can get service done at your own convenience.

  • Achieve Peace of Mind

If you’ve got your boiler serviced in the summer, you don’t have to worry about the future, as you’re all set with your necessity. It will provide you peace of mind because there is no need to worry about the hectic appointments. You can welcome the first day of your autumn with the already serviced boiler.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your boiler serviced right now and crush your tensions for winter. Now that you know the benefits of boiler servicing in summer, don’t leave for your vacation without getting your wood hydronic boiler serviced.

Understand the Pros and Cons of Wood Hydronic Boiler!

Are you tired of the rising costs of gas and energy bills? Everyone is complaining about it and now they do not mind using cheaper alternatives. Wood hydronic boilers are much cheaper compared to gas and can be easily installed and used.

What is wood hydronic?

It is an alternative and is basically central heating with wood. They come in two varieties, a completely manual one and the other is partially automated. Wood hydronic boilers do not ignite on their own like the pellet boilers and they need to be manually ignited. Wood needs to be fed to the boiler once or twice a day depending on the usage. The hotter the boiler is the better the heating will be throughout the day. The wood in the boiler burns out fast so appropriate provisions should be made for the dump.

There are many advantages of using a wood hydronic and it does have a good future in the energy market. Fuel has become a precious commodity in the current day world and gas is extremely expensive compared to what it used to be in the past. The people all over the world are finding it difficult to afford gas. That is why they are finding many alternatives.

Pros of using wood hydronic boilers:

Cost efficiency: Wood boilers are cheaper any day because they run on the energy that is generated by burning wood. They are also non-polluting and not causing any harm to the home environment by smoking the house up, for example. One can use the wood from their backyard or buy it from the store.

Space saving: A wood boiler does not consume the space inside the house and is typically installed outside the house. For apartments, a separate type of boiler is sold. It is energy efficient without creating any nuisance to the household like being noisy and rattling away. It is now getting popular as the best alternative for heating purposes.

Cons of wood hydronic boiler:

1. Effort and diligence:

For the wood boiler to work flawlessly, it has to be fed with wood once or twice a day and depending on the usage. They need to be manually fed and then ignited manually too. They do not ignite automatically. So one has to be disciplined to maintain it as intended.

2. Short Lived:

The wood boilers do not last for a very long time and they have a short life span of five years or less. Also, you need to additionally set up dump areas for these boilers. So there is a lot of additional work involved as well.

These are some of the pros and cons of a wood hydronic boiler that you should be aware of. Based on this knowledge, you can make an informed purchase decision.

How to Find the Best Hydronic Wood Fired Boilers?

Hydronic boilers are preferred for their simplicity and ease of use. Hydronic wood fired boilers are back in the trend and finding the right one for your home/office, which is suited to your needs, can be a bit tricky. Hydronic boilers are favoured over steam boilers for ease of use and lower risks of accident and injury. Unlike steam boilers, Hydronic boilers have low maintenance costs, in addition to being slightly cheaper. If you are looking to buy a wood hydronic boiler, Australian manufacturers and suppliers offer a wide range in terms of sizes and types. We have come up with a guide on how to find the best wood hydronic boiler:

  • Capacity: It’s important to get an idea an idea of how much floor space you intend to cover. Most wood boilers are good enough for a standard sized home with 3 bedrooms. If you have requirements which are more or less, then you might have to go in for a custom made boiler. Kroll has a history of building state of the art boilers for all types of requirements, be it Industrial or personal.

  • Safety: Although wood boilers are generally safer compared to other boilers, it can still be a serious health hazard especially if you have kids and pets. Pay close attention to the safety provisions of a wood boiler. Talk to the manufacturer to know best practices while using them.

  • Fuel-efficiency: Wood hydronic australia boilers are not exactly known for their fuel efficiency but you should still make efforts to find ones, which are fuel efficient. Wood can be expensive and hard to procure and store, so efficiency of wood fuelled boilers is of prime importance, if you don’t want to turn into a part time lumberjack! Kroll boasts of a range of accessories that you can attach with our Hydronic boilers, to make them fully customised.

  • Accessories: Although Hydronic boilers don’t require additional accessories like Steam boilers (which requires a pump to function), you might still want to take account of any additional accessories you might require, according to your needs. It’s important that the boiler you are buying should be capable of functioning with the accessory you are planning on.

  • Legal compliance: Some countries have bought in comprehensive laws to deal with all kinds of boilers like steam boilers and Hydronic boilers. If you are getting a custom made boiler for your place, be sure to check the pertinent laws governing boilers, if any.

We have told you briefly about the things which make a perfect Wood Hydronic boiler. At Kroll, we have a keen eye for detail and we painstakingly invest a lot of time and money in all our designs for boilers, so that you end up with a product that is 100% customised according to your requirements.