How to Find the Best Hydronic Wood Fired Boilers?

Hydronic boilers are preferred for their simplicity and ease of use. Hydronic wood fired boilers are back in the trend and finding the right one for your home/office, which is suited to your needs, can be a bit tricky. Hydronic boilers are favoured over steam boilers for ease of use and lower risks of accident and injury. Unlike steam boilers, Hydronic boilers have low maintenance costs, in addition to being slightly cheaper. If you are looking to buy a wood hydronic boiler, Australian manufacturers and suppliers offer a wide range in terms of sizes and types. We have come up with a guide on how to find the best wood hydronic boiler:

  • Capacity: It’s important to get an idea an idea of how much floor space you intend to cover. Most wood boilers are good enough for a standard sized home with 3 bedrooms. If you have requirements which are more or less, then you might have to go in for a custom made boiler. Kroll has a history of building state of the art boilers for all types of requirements, be it Industrial or personal.

  • Safety: Although wood boilers are generally safer compared to other boilers, it can still be a serious health hazard especially if you have kids and pets. Pay close attention to the safety provisions of a wood boiler. Talk to the manufacturer to know best practices while using them.

  • Fuel-efficiency: Wood hydronic australia boilers are not exactly known for their fuel efficiency but you should still make efforts to find ones, which are fuel efficient. Wood can be expensive and hard to procure and store, so efficiency of wood fuelled boilers is of prime importance, if you don’t want to turn into a part time lumberjack! Kroll boasts of a range of accessories that you can attach with our Hydronic boilers, to make them fully customised.

  • Accessories: Although Hydronic boilers don’t require additional accessories like Steam boilers (which requires a pump to function), you might still want to take account of any additional accessories you might require, according to your needs. It’s important that the boiler you are buying should be capable of functioning with the accessory you are planning on.

  • Legal compliance: Some countries have bought in comprehensive laws to deal with all kinds of boilers like steam boilers and Hydronic boilers. If you are getting a custom made boiler for your place, be sure to check the pertinent laws governing boilers, if any.

We have told you briefly about the things which make a perfect Wood Hydronic boiler. At Kroll, we have a keen eye for detail and we painstakingly invest a lot of time and money in all our designs for boilers, so that you end up with a product that is 100% customised according to your requirements.

Benefits of the Wood Boilers in Cold Climate!!

Since the ancient time, human beings are burning wood obtained from the tree in order to gain heat and warmth. You might be thinking that, due to the invention of heating systems by making use of gas and electricity, this trend of burning has died, but in reality it still exists and is being used in different formats. Wood based heating system burns wood logs or chips to generate heat for a single room or to central wood furnace or wood boilers.

A wood furnace and boiler both can provide warmth to your home in cold climate, but their working is different. The warmth created by a furnace is spread through the home by means of a string of fans. This warm air reaches out to different rooms through air ducts. On the other hand, wood boilers create hot water which travels through pipelines in the walls or floors of the house and the hot water radiated heat from the wall or floor surfaces. This heat is called as radiant heat.

If you are thinking about switching from furnace to wood boiler in Australia, then it will be a great move as there are many benefits attached to it. Let’s have a look at them.

a. They are energy efficient and environment friendly- Wood boilers have a closed loop system. This means that, when the stream of hot water cools down in the pipes and returns back to the tank for getting heated again. This water is not completely cold, it is still warm. Therefore, it requires lesser amount of energy to heat the water again and turn it back again to pipes than it is required to heat the cold air in the furnace continuously.

Furthermore, new types of boilers have been invented which make use of renewable fuels like wood, pellets of corn, etc. Hence, they are considered as environment friendly and less expensive than it is required to run furnaces in cold countries like Australia.

b. Provide uniform and comfortable heating- The heat generated by the boilers is distributed uniformly. This does not happen with furnace. The warm air generated by the furnaces is pushed out through air ducts. Therefore, the areas of the house which is far away from the ducts do not receive the heat and remain colder than the remaining parts of the house. If the hot water pipes attached to wood boilers are installed appropriately in the home, then the heat is distributed evenly throughout entire home.

c. Maintain moisture level in the home- Human body requires consistency in the moisture level of the air. As soon as the cold season begins, the homes which make use of wood furnaces get filled with dry air generated from the furnace. The residents of the house suffer from the dry skin. This is not the case with wood boilers. The radiant heat generated by the hot water flowing through the walls and floors does not affect the moisture level as there is no free air blowing out.

d. They are quieter- Wood boilers don’t have any fans attached which have to be switched off and on according to requirement. Therefore they do not create any noise like wood furnaces.

e. They are cost effective- The installation process of the wood boilers in Australia is quite difficult and expensive and takes long time. However, once installed they need not to be maintained on regular basis. They don’t have any filters which are to be cleaned and changed regularly. The pipes and tank fitted are durable if purchased from reputed manufacturer. Therefore, they prove to be cost effective.

f. Other benefits- As the boilers makes your entire home warm, it also delivers warm water through taps and showers. You can make use of it for bathing purpose which saves the energy utilized by water heaters. Additionally, as there is no free flowing of air, there is no chance of allergens or dust particles entering the home as it happens in furnace system. Another benefit is that, wood burning for boilers generated lesser amount of carbon. This is very advantageous for environment.

So, these are the benefits of wood boilers in cold climate area which are making people to get rid of furnaces and install boilers. You can also install one and keep your house warm.

Simple But Important Things To Remember About Wood Hydronic

The winter is coming! It is a reminder to prepare yourself to face the freezing temperatures. An efficient heating solution for your home is one of the necessary winter arrangements. There are so many options in the market but hydronic heating is the perfect solution when temperatures hit low. There are some simple and important things you should know about wood hydronic heating, read this blog to find out :

  • Wood hydronic Australia is considered as the most efficient and pleasant heating system as it provides constant warmth within the house without any need for intervention. It uses thermostat technology to keep the air warm by recirculating hot water either in panels or in-slab heated by solid fuel like wood.

  • Wood hydronic does not involve forced air circulation hence dust and allergens do not enter through the air with heat. Which also means you don’t have to spend time cleaning the dust.

  • These boilers are totally silent as compared to other heating systems which continuously generate irritating noise.

  • Wood hydronic boilers are most efficient types of boilers. These boilers save plenty of your money spent on electricity bills. They can also work as your instantaneous hot water system.

  • Parts of the wood hydronic boilers come with long warranty periods such as 25 years which is why you do waste much money on the maintenance. These boilers are considered reliable and effortless.

  • Radiator panels of the wood hydronic in Australia are safe to touch which makes it perfectly safe if you have children at home

  • For fitting the radiator panels, you need subfloor access. Pipework is threaded through the subfloor and terminated at panel location. Remember that installation of radiator panels involve builders cost to resurface these floors. Installation of the wood hydronic boilers is simple with the new build.

  • Trench convectors mean a panel with a heating element that is built into the subfloor and covered with a vent. The panel resides within a box built into the floor with sufficient clearance for air circulation. It is important to insulate the box properly. The vent covering the box can be made up of a variety of materials like aluminium or timber.

  • The wood hydronic boiler in Australia need well ventilated outdoor area and a pump to circulate water. An important point to note in this matter is that the location of the boiler unit will need to comply with local government regulations. You should inquire about the latest laws in this matter. Do not forget to ask your installer whether or not your gas supply is sufficient to power the boiler unit. If not, then you may need to consider an upgrade to your pipe.

  • The thermostat can be installed at a single location or various locations within your house depending upon your requirement. Each thermostat control panel has its own dial to customize the heat in a room

Hydronic heating is considered best and recommended by experts in this field. Wood hydronic boilers are most efficient and are worth the investment.