Pros and Cons of Wood Pellet Boilers

Wood pellets have been used for years to burn stove, but they are now also used for generating required heat in homes and offices.


This is done with the help of wood pellet boilers – the boilers in which wood pellets are used for producing heat. These serve as a central heating system.

How does it work?

Wood pellets are stored in a different area than the room in which boiler is located. Different ways are available to convey the pellets from the storage facility to the boiler room. There are different techniques for combustion in these boilers.


These boilers are used with one of the following systems:


  • Hot Water radiant system i.e. hydronic system
  • Hydro-air system
  • Forced hot air system
  • Baseboard


  1. The level of convenience and comfort with a wood pellet boiler is same as the conventional boilers which use fossil fuels.
  2. Pellets are not bulky, unlike firewood, and hence are easy to use.
  3. Wood pellets are easily available.
  4. Wood pellets are cheaper than fossil fuels, thereby making this system the economical option.
  5. Pellets are a renewable and carbon-neutral fuel source.


  1. The pellet oven in these boilers, warm up slowly, which decreases their fuel efficiency.
  2. These boilers are less convenient than oil or gas boiling systems.
  3. In some cases, the efficiency is affected negatively if the boiler operates with partial load.

Key facts:

  • The system regulates the fuel input so as to match the required heat output.
  • To improve efficiency and decrease pollution, pellet boilers of latest technology control combustion either via a temperature or flame space sensor along with a suck-blow fan.
  • It is very necessary to keep the pellets dry as even slightly wet pellets can affect the efficiency of the boilers.

These boilers can be used either as a stand-alone heat source or as a primary heat source supported by a secondary boiler serving as a backup or even as a supplementary heat source.


Thus, wood pellet boilers have proved to be the energy-efficient, environment-friendly and cost-effective for fulfilling heating needs of the people.


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