What are the Uses of Swimming Pool Heat Exchanger?

In areas with a mild climate and especially for the outdoor pools, the bathing season can often be reduced to only two or three hottest months of the year.


Of course, the location of the pool is important , if outside, it is best to install it in the sunniest part of the garden and sheltered from cold drafts. It is also essential to have a covering sheet for swimming pools, useful for reducing the dispersion of heat, the evaporation process and to protect the water from leaves and insects. In any case, to enjoy the swimming in the pool even when the temperature is lower it is sufficient to provide it with a specific water-heating system, to ensure that also maintains the ideal temperature for swimming out of season or in the absence of sun.


Swimming pool Heat exchangers are used mainly in spas and indoor swimming pools but can be attached to any pool. The hotels demand greater energy efficiency , given a number of services provided: facilities wellness, personal care, spas etc Faced with increasing energy costs they incur the third game in their spending, efficient saving becomes essential . In this sense, it is logical that for any installation of pools is sought economic profitability. An efficient air conditioning that provides the plate heat exchangers. Essentially, the application of heat exchangers plates in pools allows:


Maintaining the temperature of pool water steadily throughout the year.


Foster economic savings for the owner of the facility.


Properly manage the energy consumption of the facility, one of the key projects of energy efficiency in air conditioning .


How the plate heat exchanger for pools works?

  1. The installation of plate heat exchangers to heat swimming pools transfers the heat from where it is generated to the pool water. Pools use applied over other heat exchangers such as shell and tube, offering a number of advantages are recommended:
  2. The plate heat exchanger can increase the contact surface by which heats more water in the shortest time, obtaining higher performance.
  3. Water flows never touch, settling like bypass the filter circuit, remaining separate circuits.
  4. The regulation system is based on the return temperature of the pool.
  5. The material of the plates can be adapted to the water treatment system either chlorine or salt.
  6. The plate heat exchanger allows greater flexibility in the cleaning and maintenance as well as ease in expanding capacity, increasing the number of plates.
  7. The temperature of the pools varies in winter and summer. In order to achieve optimal cooling, apply rubber gaskets heat exchangers that heat pools are outdoor or indoor air by making use of a boiler.
  8. The heat exchanger is installed in the boiler and makes use of two different circuits: one primary with water from the boiler and warms the pool; and a secondary, which is responsible for bringing water to the pool to warm.


There are many models of heat exchangers used to heat outdoor swimming pools; including plate heat exchangers.

5 Reasons Why Hydronic Boilers are So Popular

The hybrid technology combines a top quality gas boiler with renewable power Electric. As much as 35% more effective than the usual standard boiler, this double system produces multiplied advantages to lessen your emissions and time bills. Set up in over 200,000 homes in Europe, the hydronic heater Australia may be the clever option to a conventional home heating. Here are numerous factors why you need to decide to use a Hybrid, introduced for you.

Home energy savings

It offers home energy. Hydronic heater Australia is proficient at it. We can save you countless pounds annually in your house energy when compared with that which you presently pay. So change to Flow in your boiler Hybrid package as well as your complete energy savings may be greater than the price of your Hybrid deal.

Reliable and effective throughout the year

As your Hybrid home heating combines a gas fired boiler as well as an air source electric, it’ll operate reliably, efficiently and effectively throughout the year in almost any climate conditions. The sensible hybrid control logic can instantly selects probably the most energy effective and price effective operation anytime and also the system options is going to be commissioned from your installer for comfort and efficiency.

Hassle free installation

The machine could be installed very easily, with small disruption. In case your previous boiler has damaged, the brand new system ready to go before heat pump continues to be commissioned, so that your heating could be restored rapidly. What’s extra, no special work is needed and the length of Hybrid system satisfy the needs of Allowed Development Legal rights, so arranging isn’t usually needed.

Space-saving, easy to use design

Ideal for modern home, the hydronic boilers Australia comes with an outside unit along with a compact indoor system that matches instead of an average boiler. The indoor system houses a combo boiler for houses having a single washroom, or homes having greater warm water need, it may be linked to another warm water cylinder. This machine works efficiently with current radiators, under floor heating and the fan convectors and may also be coupled with solar systems to lessen the price of heating more.

Trouble free heating option

In contrast to other option heating systems for example biomass or oil, you don’t need to bother about, bulk buying, fuel deliveries or fuel storage. Your pump generates no garbage and doesn’t require any additional care. Only a simple standard, annual inspection. Many heating systems are referred to as fit end up forgetting and this is also true of the Hybrid. The large difference may be the advantages it brings.


The hydronic boilers Australia uses a tiny bit of electricity they are driving heat pump and generate a lot of heat. For each kilowatt of electricity heat pump uses, it produces about 3-4 kilowatts of renewable heat in the air. It is really a very efficient and renewable method to heat your house and significantly cuts down on the ecological impact of keeping your family comfortable.