The use of heater and boilers have become very common in today’s time, as with the use of the products of the Company, there are a number companies that sell these products, thus it becomes really easy to look for a Company that provides the best option in these products. Read along to know more about the uses of these two products along with understanding the ways to consider while buying these products.
There isn’t any doubt that there are many numbers of options available in heaters and boilers, this was something which was not available in the past years. With so many options in both the products, in terms of features and designing, one can easily find some of the amazing options as per their requirements.
wood gasification
Wood Hydronic Australia has become a common product that people look forward to buy as the use of this product is really beneficial. The usage and benefits that one gets from this product is something that has made it gain so much popularity. Let us have a look at some for the points to let us understand the uses of these two products:

  • The one similarity between these products is almost 20 to 25 years. Thus, the usage is something that can be used for long years.
  • The other thing is that both the products are fueled by wood, heating oil, natural gas, and other fuel sources, along with electricity.
  • The cost of the heaters is less as compared to the boilers. Boilers are expensive but they can be used for many years, this is one of the things that pay off the money that is spent.
  • The air quality provided by boilers is better than the heaters as the latter heats the home with aim along with speeding dust particles, allergens, and other such things.
  • Heat efficiency is also better in boilers as compared to the heaters. Energy efficiency is also something which difference in both the products.
  • The options that are provided in heaters and boilers also differ in a number of ways, depending on the needs of a person; one can easily find the option as per that along with budget restraints as well.
  • How much energy is used also something that matters a lot, the boilers are suddenly much efficient than heaters. This is something which has also increased the numbers of sales of the boilers.

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Today is the time of using wood gasification boilers over the traditional stoves. The goal of the consumers has shifted to using the products which bring more ecological prospects to the family. Using the electronic appliances doesn’t fulfill this purpose. Wood gasification is a process that commences efficient burning of wood without the emission of smoke.

It is important to choose a right gasification boiler for your home. As there are plenty of sizes available in the gasification boilers, you should choose the size which fits the best in your room. While buying the best-sized wood gasification boiler for your house, also consider the age of the house and any energy saving measures.

You should also consider the efficiency of wood gasification boiler before buying the best boiler for your home. The efficiency of the boiler can be based on net or gross. The initial content of the fuel can be calculated by measuring the difference between the two values. It has been seen that minimum total efficiency for the dry furnace is around 65% and that of the boiler stove is around 67%. More efficiency of the wood gasification boilers can also be achieved.

The continuous operation of the furnace should be able to burn wood with solid fossil fuels for at least 1.5 hours and should have a full rated output of not less than 4 hours. Choose the best wood gasification boiler which is able to fire at low burning rates and should be able to resume burning after 10 hours of solid fossil fuels and wood logs of not less than 12 hours. Wood gasification stoves are used in cold times. They are used as main heat source. Choose the best gasification boiler according to your house space and budget.

You may be confused which stove should you buy, a dry or wet one? The drying system is generally designed to provide heat in the room directly where they are installed. The heat of the device enters the room through chimney while the wet wood gasification boilers have integrated boiler which is directly connected to the tank and produces hot household water which heats the required area of the house. The wet system can also be used by solar power. In winters hot water furnaces can be used while in summer’s solar power can be used.

wood gasification boiler is specially used for firewood. You should buy log for efficient burning. Buy logs from reputable salespersons. The firewood should be protected in order to help wood dry over time. It is essential to use the best wood gasification boiler for your house to ensure safety and make right decision according to the space of the house.

Buy the best wood gasification boilers from the best dealers of wooden stoves so as to ensure that you get the best quality at reasonable rates. Keep in mind some of the mentioned factors before buying the best wood gasification boiler for your home.


In today’s world, too many energy solutions are available to be used for heating systems. With so many options available, sometimes it becomes difficult for people to determine which method is best for their house and family. Wood boilers are one of the options which are ready to provide energy solutions. If you are thinking about it or confused that you should invest in wood boilers or not, here are some of the facts about them that will help you make an informed decision.

  • Renewable source: Biomass fuels are the future of energy consumption because they are easily available and can be replenished. Wood boilers are one of the leading options when we talk about using biomass fuels. For more, you can read about wood boiler Australia which will take care of energy saving.
  • Cost efficient: With wood boilers, you can save your money. In fact, with some of the effective wood boilers, you can save up to 70 percent of your heating costs. No doubt, the carbon footprint is reduced and with its high effectiveness and some of them being virtually emission-free, you are secured in your investment. It is estimated that thousands of dollars can be saved using wood boilers in place of any other fossil fuel alternatives.
  • Real and natural heat: From ages, it is understood and felt that the warmth generated by wood is better than anything else. No matter which type of wood boiler you are using, whether it is at the fireplace or in the form of floor-radiant heating, you will always feel the difference between wood-generated heat and the heat generated from other fuels.
  • Support form newly emerging technologies: The newly emerging technologies are providing a competitive edge to the modern heating appliances (most of them functioning on gas or electricity). Those technologies can also be applied to enhancing and improving the processing of wood boilers. So, your investment will be secure in wood boilers.
  • Easy installation: There are different types of boilers present in market these days. They can be used as per the requirement and convenience. There is a wide range of options from which you can choose. For example, outdoor wood boilers with their cost efficient heating systems can be used along with the interior heating systems that are currently in use at most places.
  • Clean-burning: Unlike the traditional wood stoves used for heating, many of the manufacturers today are focused on designing clean burning and pollution free wood boilers with central heating systems. These wood boilers are contributing for the benefits of both the environment and the economy.

How to choose: Since there are a variety of options available in the market, you may get confused while making a decision. Before investing, find out your requirements and preferences. Choose the suitable wood boilers according to those preferences. Some designs are more efficient while others are able to produce the greater amount of heat. No doubt, there are dozens of parameters which determine the overall performance, but some factors are necessary for the selection of wood boilers. Some of those factors may be the quality of exhaust system and furnace doors.
So, in a nutshell, we can say that wood boilers are revolutionizing the heating methods used in our homes. The modern outdoor wood boilers come with efficient and independent heating facilities without any of the detrimental side effects. This way it has overshadowed the traditional wood stoves which are used to produce indoor air pollution, unpleasant odours, and fire/safety risks. So if you are looking to invest in a wood boiler for heating your home, the outdoor wood boiler can be perfect for you. You can go for wood boiler Australia if you are planning to invest in wood boilers.


By the turn of the 21st century, two parallel processes occurred that led to the proliferation of gasification technology. The first process was an increasing acceptance of the climate change and a desire to reverse the negative impact of it. The second process was the constant rise of crude oil price. These needs demanded an alternative that would be both climate friendly as well as cost effective. The answer, of course, was gasification technology.

The gasification process involves heating of biomass at very high temperatures of more than 700° Celsius without sufficient air. This process makes the combustion incomplete and leads to the production of different fuel gases like hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and others. The produced gases are collectively called syngas, and they are combustible and act as an excellent source o f renewable source of energy.

In the past gasification technology was used as an internal combustion engine for automobiles, however, in the modern time, the primary purpose of gasification technology has been limited to heating. To fulfill this, primarily wood gasification boiler is used.

Wood gasification boiler is advantageous over conventional boiler in many respects.

  • They are highly efficient as compared to other heating systems.
  • This technology is very simple to use.
  • The produced syngas is very clean, as very less soot is produced and this makes the maintenance and cleaning of the boiler a less frequent occurrence.
  • Wood gasification boilers emit very low amount of particulate matter. This reduces the need for air filtering systems that are so necessary for other heating systems.
  • The carbon footprint of these boilers is very less. So it has the added advantage of being climate friendly.

As with all other things, even wood gasification boilers have some disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages is its large size. This also makes this technology less mobile and thus adding to its disadvantage. The process involves heating wood at high temperatures and hence takes some amount of time at the beginning of its operation. However, this disadvantage has been eliminated by introducing programmable circuit, which enables the user to start sometime before the required time. The gasification of wood produces a substance called wood tar, and its cleaning requires a dedicated water treatment. Anyhow, despite these disadvantages, people have gladly accepted this technology as one of their primary source of heating needs; this is evident from the increasing popularity of wood gasification boilers in Australia and also in other parts of the world.

Due to the increasing popularity of wood gasification in Australia, a large number of different services have originated that takes care of all your heating needs.

Kroll Heaters Australia is the answer of all your heating requirements. They specialize in providing hydronic heating, which operates on gasification technology and has multitude of features to enhance your comfort. All products of Kroll are made from high quality materials that are expected to work at their full efficiency.


Biomass boilers need a silo for bio fuel storage located near the boiler. From it, an endless screw or suction feeder, takes it to the boiler, where the combustion takes place. The fuel must be stored at an inclination of about 45 ° for proper insertion into the boiler.

The combustion chamber is the whole area where combustion takes place in a boiler, and in which three parts can be clearly distinguished:
The first is the area where the fuel is mixed with the primary air and, by means of a partial combustion, the biomass is gasified, that is, it is transformed into a combustible gas. In the case of stoves or gasification boiler of efflorescence (load from below) would be equivalent to the crucible, in burners would be the fixed grid and in large boilers the mobile grid.
The second is the area where you can clearly see a flame and where the secondary air usually enters.
And finally, the third composed by the rest of the chamber where there is no visible flame. This part continues to produce combustion, but the oxidation concentration is low and invisible to the naked eye, although it is a key area for the reduction of CO and unburned. In some chambers, this space is separated and then called the post-combustion chamber.
As a general rule, the combustion chambers have an optimum working temperature range between 600 and 900°C. Below that temperature, the unburned and CO increase very clearly. On the contrary, above that temperature, NO levels are triggered by oxidation of the nitrogen in the air, and also cause the need to use more resistant and expensive materials in the construction of the chambers.
The temperature of the flame depends on the moisture, density and calorific value of the material to be burnt, which causes it to be much higher or much lower.
The heat generated during this combustion (in this case of natural fuel) is transmitted to the water circuit in the exchanger built into the boiler. The hot water generated is used for heating and sanitary hot water, air conditioning of swimming pools, etc. The heating can be by any of the conventional water systems, for example, under floor heating, radiators or fan coils.
Advanced models include switching on and cleaning the automatic heat exchangers as well as automatic extraction and compression of the ash so they have to be removed a few times a year. Some manufacturers even offer to monitor and control the operation of the boiler.
When burning biomass some ash is produced, which is usually collected automatically in an ashtray that must be emptied about four times a year. The amount generated depends mainly on the fuel used and the power of the gasification boiler.
To optimize the operation of the biomass boiler, we can install an accumulator (depending on the use of the boiler and the manufacturer), which will store the heat in a similar way to a solar energy system.
As you see, they require many more elements than a fossil fuel boiler, and here we have not named many of them. It is therefore logical that they are more expensive, but the price of solid biofuel, much cheaper than conventional fossil fuels will make you recover the initial investment very soon.


Since the time when humans used to live in caves, wood was the major source of fire or rather heat. People would turn to wood for warmth, cooking, and safety. As, we started getting more advanced from we started using different ways to provide heat but by using the same fuel which was wood.


Wood-fired stove was the centerpiece of many kitchens. This was before the introduction of other fossil fuels which were not known to us, can be used for heating as well. And, also before the concept of central heating was ever there.


Then with modern advancements there were central heating systems which are now called as hydronic boilers, which use water as a source of providing heat throughout the house through pipes. But, also with the advancement of other heating options and other fuels available. There was a slight decline in the industry of wood hydronic boilers.


But with the price increase in the prices of oil, gasoline and other fuels there was again a steady rise in the demand of wood fired hydronic boilers, there were a few drawbacks which they had some of them were:-


  • There was a requirement for their heat exchanger brushed to be clean every 1-2 weeks during the heating season
  • Emptying of ash bins occasionally.

However, the modernization of wood fired hydronic boilers not only solved the above problems but also has improved the way heating can be done effectively, at a low cost and also in an eco-friendly manner.


    • Modern boilers come equipped with automatic cleaners for the heat exchanger so you do not normally have to do it.
    • They offer versatility if you happen to run low on the wood stock, you can always use it combine with other sources of fuel for that time being.
    • Concerns over the amount of pollution created by these boilers, there has been an environment friendly approach in which wood-based biomass heating systems are used which employ wood pellets to be used for heating and hence wood being a carbon neutral fuel, does not increase the amount of carbon dioxide and hence maintaining the level of emission.
    • Not only is it environment friendly but also is a cost-effective option. The facts will astonish you.
    • Cost of heat produced by burning wood pellets is about half that of heat produced by oil or any other fuel.
    • Modern-day boilers have web accessible controls that can help the owner run the boiler as well as peripheral devices, and hence keep a check on the temperature. Also, advancements have also made it possible to turn on the heating and turn it off whenever and wherever you need it.


All, of these advances surely give hydronic boilers the edge over other heating systems. Thinking of investing in wood fired hydronic boilers then KROLL HEAT in Australia is the best choice if you are looking for a heater which is eco-friendly, and does not require frequent filling up of the firebox just fill with up and the rest will be taken care of. Contact them today to get the best option there is for efficient and comfortable heating.