Hydronic Home Heating Design Services

hydronic-heating-1Hydronic radiant heating is the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of heating. Hydronic heating features are:

  • extremely efficient
  • whisper quiet
  • relief for allergy sufferers due to low air movement
  • able to be the domestic hot water baseline heat source
  • optionally heat the swimming & spa
  • fast heat up
  • energy efficient
  • panel radiators and/or concrete slab radiators possible
  • $1000 per radiator (example below is 18 panels)
  • slab heating is approx $50/sq metre

Cost estimates for a 35 square house with 18 separate panel-radiators is $1000 per panel. This includes the complete hardware system: panels, water heater & burner, pump, water supply valving, piping & thermostat. This does not include GST or plumber installation labour.

The total heating power for this 35 square space is 22kW or 80,000 BTU. A spreadsheet with price breakdowns is available after contacting Kroll. <Click Here> for a generic hydronic plan for a 35 square modern home which shows all system details.

Adding domestic hot water requires a low pressure water tank (with heat exchange coil for the mains-pressure water supply) and an extra pump & pipingswimming-pools-1

Kroll offers you Boiler & Burner Packages to meet your heating needs , also:

  • Hydronic Design Services (Charged Service, see Piping Layout example, click here)
  • Heat Load Calculations (Free Service – send us your home plans)
  • Hydronic Heating Cost estimates


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SM8 Domestic Boiler

Waste Oil Boilers 20kw to 70kw

Introducing the SM8 Cast Iron boilers. Combined with the Kroll KGUB55 Burner the SM8 is ideal for 15 kW to 60 kW hydronic home heating applications.

The boilers are fitted with an electronic thermostat controller that is easily adjusted for different boiler temperatures & temperature differentials. The thermostat also controls primary circulator ON/OFF temperature selection. The boiler controller has a connection for a central room thermostat.

The SM8 is easily cleaned and come with big door handles for easy access into the chambers for easy cleaning. Brushes & Ash Pan are also supplied. Click here for SM8 specificationssm8 domestic boiler


The system includes:

  • SM8 Cast Iron Boiler fitted with full refractory lining
  • KGUB55 Burner + Air Pump + Supply Pump
  • Energy Save controller & Electronic Thermostat
  • Brass air & dirt eliminator
  • 15:50 Litre expansion tank
  • 200 Litre Kroll Waste Oil poly day tank on stand fitted with float switches
  • Primary circulator [40LPM 3 Speed]
  • Automatic Water make-up assembly with fast fill bypass
  • Pressure Relief valve [3 BAR]

This entire ready to go system is $9,950 + GST


RB20 Pellet Burner by Kroll

Kroll is releasing a new wood pellet burner fitted to the Kroll cast iron SM8 hydronic boiler. This system is expected to be around the $8500 mark, depending on options. The system includes the 20kW RB20 pellet burner & boiler with pellet auger. A 50kW & 70kW version is also available. Another option is the best of both worlds: pellet burner plus a Kroll BR10 burner, each fitted to their own hydronic boiler.

Contact 1800 805 243 to discuss design & applications.


RB20 wood pellet burner

New Kroll Boiler Control

Save Energy with Kroll Boiler Controller

Kroll has a new boiler control designed to reduce electric power consumption to the absolute minimum needed.

Bearing in mind customer sensitivity to the environment & massively rising electric power rates, Kroll has an ‘Energy Save’ boiler control now as standard.

If the heat load request is OFF the boiler and burner consumes zero electric power.

The control itself consumes a minimal 2 watts of power in ‘Energy Save’ mode.

‘BR’ Series Waste Oil Burners

BR series Waste Oil Burnersbr10th

The BR series waste oil burners are available from 30kW to 1275kW. The AC Burner’s [formerly ARCO Bruciatori]  BR waste oil burners do not require a compressed air supply. The BR burners are highly robust low pressure burners characterised by limited consumption levels, low pollutant emissions, reliability, safe working, easy installation and maintenance. More Information: click here