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Waste oil heating and waste oil burning is Kroll core business.
This means the precision burning of waste oils, used or unused automotive or vegetable oils for domestic or commercial heating. Space heating with waste oil heaters and hydronic heating from recycled waste & used oils is what we do for you. Commercial heating, home heating and hydronic design services are available. Recently wood gasification hydronic boilers have been available as well. So, waste oil and waste wood!

What we do

Space heating with waste oil  and hydronic heating from recycled waste & used oils as well as wood is what we do for you.
Commercial heating, home heating and hydronic design services are available.

Wood Gasification Boilers

Waste Oil Boilers


Wood Pellet Boilers


Wood Gasification Boiler System ‘charging’ a 330 litre accumulating water tank via the Laddomat circulator/valve.
Recently replaced by the LK 810 charging valve. The LK 810 protects the boiler from condensation and manages the accumulation of plenty of hot water.


Kroll Heaters Australia is your Wood Gasification Boiler Headquarters for Hydronic Heating, with Australia’s best 90% plus Efficiency *

* Certification B32 00842 14 issued by the Engineering Test Institute of the Czech Republic ‘SZU’ www.szutest.cz .

Hydronic Heating is Kroll core business. Talk to us about saving energy & money with multiple independent heating zones!

Our Latest Work

View our recent projects ranging from farming, commercial and industrial to home heating.


George Taylor

“At the recent 2015 AAAA show at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, we met with the Kroll team and loved what the guys had to say about domestic heating and workshop space heating from old dirty waste oils. Thanks again.”

George Taylor

Manager-Fleet Services, Orange

Herman Schutte

“When we leave our factory soon,  the first thing that’s moving to the bigger place are our Kroll waste oil heaters”

Herman Schutte

Owner – Nally Towers, Dandenong, Victoria

Jane Lamb

“Just a quick note to let you know that the Burner is working really well. Thanks again for all your help.”

Jane Lamb

Cheers Wayne

“Just touching base to let you know that our Kroll heating waste oil burner is going like a dream since we spoke last. Regular weekly maintenance is keeping it running clean and effortless. Thanks again so much for your assistance last time.

Cheers Wayne

Coff’s Swimming

Tim McRae

“The Kroll heating hydronic boiler heats the forty square house and the pool easily, we just leave it on twenty one degrees all winter”

Tim McRae

Farmer, Buffalo, Victoria

John Sheather

Hi Max, back in 1982 I purchased the Kozy heater from you, I think I was one of the first in Canberra to get on. My Son & I have just set up a new workshop, so to keep warm we would like to purchase a new one. Is it possible to purchase direct from you. Cheers for now. Thank You. Hi Peter, just a short note to say our heater is a cracker, we have a workshop 30 m. long, & 5 m. ceiling & the 2 end bays we use for working in are just great on the minus 3s & 5s we have had lately. Once again thanks mate. Cheers. John.

John Sheather

3 Dennys Place Macarthur A.C.T. 2904, 0262921510 0408697980


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How efficient are Wood Gasification Boilers compared to traditional wood boilers?
Wood Gasification Boilers from Kroll Heaters bring notable efficiency compared to traditional wood boilers. These boilers utilise the wood gases usually lost in conventional units, enhancing their energy utility. Wood Gasification Boilers ensure a cleaner, more efficient burn by combusting these gases at high temperatures, providing a superior heating solution with a smaller environmental footprint and greater energy conservation, thereby promoting sustainable heating.
2. What maintenance is required for Wood Hydronic Boilers or Wood Gasification Boilers?
Ensuring optimal performance of Wood Hydronic Boilers and Wood Gasification Boilers requires adherence to a maintenance routine. This includes regular cleaning to remove ash and occasional inspection of components to monitor wear and tear. Professional annual checks are advisable to ensure safety and efficiency, evaluating elements like the chimney and combustion chamber. Timely maintenance not only provides reliable operation but also prolongs the life and efficacy of the boiler system.
3. Do you offer Wood Gasification Boilers for residential and commercial use?
Yes, Kroll Heaters provides an array of Wood Gasification Boilers suitable for residential and commercial applications. Understanding the distinct heating requirements of diverse spaces, Kroll offers solutions that cater to various scales and complexities. Their Wood Gasification Boilers are designed to provide efficient, reliable, and environmentally conscious heating solutions, ensuring that both homes and businesses can avail of sustainable, effective heating without compromising on quality.
4. What are the environmental benefits of using a Wood Gasification Boiler?
Utilising a Wood Gasification Boiler carries inherent environmental benefits. Firstly, it significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions by effectively burning wood gases that are typically released unused in traditional boilers. Moreover, they promote using a renewable fuel source, wood, which can be sustainably sourced, reducing dependency on fossil fuels. The advanced combustion process of Wood Gasification Boilers ensures high efficiency and cleaner emissions, contributing to a reduced environmental impact.
5. Are your Wood Boilers compliant with environmental regulations and safety standards?
Compliance with environmental regulations and adherence to safety standards are paramount for Kroll Heaters. Their Wood Boilers are designed considering rigorous safety, operational, and environmental protocols. These boilers comply with the requisite standards and strive to exceed them wherever possible. Engaging innovative technologies and robust manufacturing practices, Kroll ensures their Wood Boilers stand as a testament to quality, safety, and sustainability.
6. Can I use different types of wood as fuel in a Wood Gasification Boiler?
Yes, the Kroll Heaters’ Wood Gasification Boiler allows for the use of various types of wood as fuel, providing flexibility in sourcing. While hardwood are often preferred due to their higher energy content and prolonged burn time, different woods may be utilised based on availability and specific requirements. It’s vital, however, to ensure the wood is adequately seasoned to ensure optimal performance and safeguard against any potential issues like creosote buildup.

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